Alecos Papadatos
Taratsa Sketch from Alecos Papadatos

Alecos Papadatos was born in Greece.
He studied Economics and Philosophy in Greece and France and finally he decided to follow his passion, cartooning, comics and animation.
He has worked as animator, animation director, director and producer of animated films, press illustrator and cartoonist.
He is the draftsman of LOGICOMIX, a graphic novel written by Apostolos Doxiadis.
LOGICOMIX was No. 1 in the 2009 New York Times Best Seller. This comic has been published in 24 languages and has received numerous awards around the world.
He draw the graphic novel “Democracy”, a historical fiction recounting the birth of a new political system in Ancient Greece. “Democracy”, written originally in English, with comics script writer Abraham Kawa, was published in 2015 by Bloomsbury in the USA and the UK and is translated and published in Greece, Italy, France, Portugal, Germany, Russia, Spain. 
His last work is a biography of Aristotle, in collaboration with writer Tassos Apostolidis, published Sept 2022 originally in French by Dargaud.